Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aussie GP Could Look to Brazil for Cash Ideas

The Australian Grand Prix had been under threat for a number of years as the cash strapped Victorian government and local Melbourne council struggle to justify the cost. Most boisterous has been Melbourne Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle, who is worried about the out of pocket cost of the event reaching $70 million by 2015. As a proud Australian, I would love to see the GP stay and have come up with a plan to keep the Aussie GP for many years to come.

The Brazilian GP is one of the most popular events on the calendar. In 2009, Jenson Button was crowned world champion in front of a very loud Brazilian crowd. Just a year earlier, Lewis Hamilton narrowly became world champion with only 3 corners to go. A finish considered one of the most exciting of all time. The Brazilian GP is no doubt one of the most exciting races of the year and, with the help of a few famous locals, should stay on the F1 roster for many years.

The Brazilian GP has one special ingredient that Australia doesn't have but, with a little help from some connected Melbourne locals, could easily integrate, making the Aussie GP cost neutral or even generate a profit.

Last year, after the Brazilian qualifying session, Jenson Button and various members of his team were chased by six armed attackers who tried, in vein, to rob Jenson's car as it drove to his hotel. Jenson hails the skill of his driver for the narrow escape in which he says included crashing into other cars.

Also that year, three Sauber engineers were robbed while their car waited at a red traffic light. The attackers were able to make off with several items including a passport belonging to one of the scared engineers.

How does this solve Australia's cash problems? The answer is simple, steal from F1 teams and overseas tourists. With a bit of effort the cash short fall could be met easily, leaving any extra for civic programs and F1 parties. I'm sure Doyle wouldn't mind putting an a balaclava and robbing a few people if it meant being the hero of Victoria and saving the GP.

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  1. rofl love your style, as an aussie f1 fan i cant wait to see teams of South australians and Victorians setting up competing checkpoints :)

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